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Vegetable Gardens

Flower Gardens and Other Plantings
Rabbits and Vegetable Gardens
Rabbits have a remarkable ability to get around fences and raid vegetable gardens. Most repellents don’t work well on vegetables, partly because many impart an unpleasant taste to crops and partly because the plants grow fast, exposing new, untreated areas to attack. Predator urine sprinkled on the ground or put out in dispensers can work reasonably well for a time–at least until the rabbits realize that despite the smell there are no foxes or coyotes nearby so this should be regarded as a temporary or stopgap measure. Deer Off II is an OMRI certified repellent that very effectively combines smell and taste deterrents and lasts 3 months. However, you’ll need to retreat growing shoots. If rabbits are targeting specific vegetables in the garden you can cover the plants with a net or row cover to discourage them. You can also trap them with a live trap baited with very fresh greens. If your garden is small, one or more motion activated water sprayers can be a very effective way to keep rabbits out.

The best way to keep rabbits and other small animals permanently out of your vegetable garden is with Mr. McGregor’s Fence® This powerful yet economical solution puts a combination of low barrier fence and electric fence around the garden. Since animals are terrified by electricity – much more than by repellants – this answer is 100% effective all of the time. Besides rabbits it will also keep out a long list of other critters.

Rabbits in Flower Gardens and Other Decorative Plantings

If you don’t mind a fence around your flowers and decorative plantings then the unobtrusive Mr. McGregor’s Fence® is your best solution. Most people prefer a clear view of their garden so here’s where repellents come in. Reapplied regularly, they do a fine job of keeping rabbits away. Predator urine, sprinkled around plantings or put out in dispensers, works by making rabbits think there are predators around. Deer Off II is an OMRI certified repellent spray that very effectively combines smell and taste deterrents that lasts up to 3 months. With all these repellents, however, you’ll need to retreat growing shoots. Sometimes a combination of these repellents will work better than one alone. Motion activated water sprayers are amazingly effective and work by putting out a short, sharp burst of water directed at the offending animal. The combination of the noise, the surprise factor and the burst of water scares them away. If you know where the rabbits live, you may be able to gas them in their burrows.