The Deer Control Center

The Deer Control Center

Your one-stop shop for deer control since 2001. Deer Repellents, Predator Urine, Deer Nets, Motion-activated Water Sprayers, Electronic & Ultrasonic Repellers,Electric Fences and Barrier Fences will solve your deer problems. Look below for advice with problems in specific areas.

  • Flower Gardens
  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Fruit Trees
  • Evergreen Plantings
  • Large Areas
  • Deer and Flower Gardens

Of all deer protection tasks, this is the about the easiest because flower gardens become attractive when there is other food available for them to eat so that repellents do a very effective job. Predator urine, sprinkled around plantings or put out in dispensers, works by making deer think there are big predators around. Deer Off II is an OMRI certified spray that effectively combines smell and taste deterrents and lasts 3 months. You will, however, need to re-treat new shoots more often.

If you have a water hose available motion activated water sprayers are amazingly effective at protecting specific areas and work by putting out a short, sharp burst of water directed at the offending animals. The combination of the noise, the surprise factor and the burst of water makes them head for the hills. The Deer Chaser, a motion activated electronic device, was developed especially to repel deer by turning on a combination of talk radio and strong LED light to scare deer away. Ultrasonic devices will also work to keep deer from specific areas and don’t need water or electricity. If there are particular plants in your flower garden that deer favor put a deer net over them until the deer give up or find other sources of food.
If your first choice of repellent doesn’t do the job, try another based on different principles, either in the garden or around the edges. Sometimes a combination of approaches will work where only one won’t.

Deer and Vegetable Gardens

This is harder than protecting flower gardens, because vegetables are a prime food source, and after deer have discovered the succulent veggies in your garden they can be very hard to exclude. Most repellents don’t work well on vegetables, partly because many give crops an unpleasant taste and partly because the plants grow fast, exposing new, untreated areas to attack. Predator urine sprinkled on the ground or put out in dispensers can work reasonably well for a time–at least until the deer realize that despite the smell there are no foxes or coyotes nearby. Deer Off II is an OMRI certified repellent that very effectively combines smell and taste deterrents and lasts 3 months. With both products, however, you’ll need to retreat growing shoots. If deer are targeting specific vegetables in the garden you can cover the plants with a deer net or row cover to discourage them. If your garden is small one or more motion activated water sprayers can be a very effective tool to keep deer out. The Deer Chaser, a motion activated electronic device, was developed especially to repel deer by turning on a combination of talk radio and strong LED light to scare deer away and can work well to protect small gardens near houses.

Once deer have learned about a vegetable garden’s bounty they will come back so the best way to keep them out permanently is with a Mr. McGregor’s Fence® This powerful yet economical solution puts a combination of low barrier fence and electric fence around the garden. Since animals are terrified by electricity – much more than by repellents – this answer is 100% effective all of the time. Besides deer it will also keep out a long list of other critters.

Deer and Fruit Trees

Repellents like predator urine and Deer Off II can prove very useful in protecting fruit trees. Deer nets, applied to leaves from ground level to above any height that deer can reach, are also very effective. When nets are combined with repellents it’s rare to have further problems. If deer have a limited approach to the trees then a motion-activated electronic device or motion activated water sprayers can be set up to deploy when the deer get in range.

Deer and Evergreens

Evergreens are harder to defend because they must be protected year-round–including in winter when deer have few food sources and may be starving. In winter or summer draped deer nets, the motion activated Deer Chaser and ultrasonic devices can be a big help in protecting specimen plantings. In summer motion activated water sprayers give great protection. Year round, Deer Off II is effective and sprinkling predator urine granules around or putting out fresh urine dispensers makes the deer think there are predators about. If you are protecting small clusters of evergreens an economical and effective way is to surround them with deer nets set up on stakes or posts like a fence. A combination of approaches may work better than only one.

Protection of Large Areas

Deer are hard to control in winter because their food sources are limited and they may be starving. Keeping deer out of large areas is much more difficult than keeping them out of small ones because it often means putting up large fences in their path to established feeding areas. For these reasons you may be best off with a robust, year-round fence and extensive information about these can be found at our affiliated stores, The Deer Shock Depot and The Invisible Deer Fence.