Natural remedies against termites: natural disinfestation

Recently, my friend asked me – what can I buy to kill termites forever? And I decided to tell you about it in detail.

Here are the natural remedies against termites that we suggest to get rid of these insects without resorting to insecticides and products of chemical origin that could be harmful to health.

Mosquitoes, bedbugs, flies and cockroaches could almost look like pets compared to another fearsome tenant in our homes. The insect in question, if not more than at least equal to other micro-animals winged or not, would be the termite.

Perhaps best known for the classic Tom&Jerry style cartoon scenes, where swarms of angry termites invade homes and burn them to the ground in a second, termites, also improperly known as “ants with wings”, are actually more common than you think.

Usually to combat the invasion of termites are used insect-repellent sprays based on chlordane, a carcinogenic substance that kills by contact and is also used to free vegetables from ants, but being harmful to the nervous system, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has banned the use, with the exception, in fact, the control of termites.

First of all, we need to understand if these insects have already installed themselves in our house, leaving water-soaked cards stacked one on top of the other in places such as cellars, floors and in the cavities. Termites love cellulose and are really grasped by it: if these ‘baits’ are filled with small animals, the signal is clear. Burn them in a safe place and repeat the operation several times to understand well where they come from.

A sure green method is to focus on prevention. Try not to have pipes that leak and avoid water stagnation, especially if close to the foundations and in contact with the ground: they could attract termites outside or inside the house. Then it is necessary to seal windows, doors and cracks. Another important step for prevention is to store firewood, logs and branches away from home.

This is well known to those who have wooden houses and find themselves fighting against these absolutely unwelcome guests who in a few years can completely ruin the foundations and walls of a house making it collapse.

But how to fight them without going through chemistry? Here are some natural remedies to cope with an invasion of termites.

Against wood termites that reduce dust, beams, furniture and logs are a good remedy the baits based on boric acid that you can prepare yourself. Boric acid can be found in pharmacies and parapharmacies, on the other hand you only need a little condensed milk.

Preparation of bait. Pour the boric acid into a container (better if plastic and not metal) and add the condensed milk stirring with a spoon until you get a soft and homogeneous mixture that you can handle with your hands.

Once the mixture is made, put latex or plasticine gloves on and shape with your fingers balls of about 1 cm in diameter even smaller: these will be your termite baits that you will place in the places where you need to drive them away, preferably near the nest.

The wood termites will be attracted by the smell of condensed milk, they will get close to the baits and begin to eat them. Boric acid, which is a common domestic antiseptic but is lethal to termites, will act as an insecticide but without the inconvenience of toxic substances contained in various sprays and powdered products.

The effectiveness of the baits does not depend so much on the quantity of boric acid that the worker termites manage to swallow, but on the quantity that they manage to transport inside the den at the queen’s disposal. It is in this way that the colony can be eradicated.

There are two types of wood termites: the real wood termites, which are visible and leave traces of sawdust and holes in the wood as they pass through, and the underground termites, which live in the ground, can only be seen when they have already done the damage, and irreparably attack wooden beams and structures but also the trunk of the trees.

With regard to trees, it must be said that wood termites (especially underground termites) have the important natural function of ‘demolishing’ dying trees when they are too old or weakened by diseases or fungal attacks. More rarely they attack healthy trees, but when this happens they can crumble the inside of the trunk before they are even noticed from the outside.

Other methods include the use of panels with electrical cooling systems, which are certainly less toxic than the classic chlordan-based drying powders and potentially harmful to health. So, if possible, do without it.

Try our natural termite remedies and tell us how it went.

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