Control Insects at Your Garden

Controlling pests is essential to have healthy gardens. Though you find some beneficial insects in your garden, there are others that cause destruction. It is important to identify the different insect, and then plan on how to eradicate them to avoid harming flowers and other plants.

One simple method used to control garden pests involves planting natural repellent plants. Some plants such as onions, marigold and lavender can repel harmful pests. In many cases, some insects get offended by these plants and keep away. Though this tip controls a small number of pests, they can still be a solution.

Another tip even before you start the elimination process is to identify the insects. After identifying what makes the garden unhealthy, do research and find what can kill the pests. Some growing conditions such as wet environments may not be the best growing solutions.

Another tip is to irrigate the garden well. Soggy garden soil will attract unwanted pests because it is too dry with a good environment. However, make sure to control the amount of water as too much can make your garden plants to die. Irrigating the garden aerates the soil and makes it hard for dangerous pests to thrive.

In some home gardens, owners have the perfected the art of growing a single type of flower. It is one area where the pests thrive. But to prevent this scenario, it is important to rotate different types of flowers in your garden. In this case, owners must plant flowers that take a short time to grow. During the next planting season, plant a different type of flower which repels the insects.

If you want to control pests in your garden and still save money, apply fireplace ash. Fireplace ash contains natural ingredients such as potassium, magnesium and phosphorous. Apply the ash on the soil surface around the new seedlings. It kills some insect species and makes it hard for them to survive.

If you look at different gardens infected by pests, you notice some instances of rubbish and dirt. One way to help control these pests is to have a clean garden. Most harmful pests thrive in piles of dirty leaves, dense spot weeds and grass cuttings. A good procedure that does not need a huge budget involves weeding the garden regularly, cleaning the leaves and cutting the grass.

For those with high technology, especially the organic gardeners, one way to control pests involve using hop pepper wax. The wax is sprayed on the leaves. The oil from this wax will ward off the harmful insects that destroy your plants.

For those who have tried the above tips and still find issues, the remaining tip is to call a professional pest control agency in your area. There are several companies specializing in pest control for gardens. Because they have done several jobs, they take a short time to know the pests and how to control it from your gardens. The only disadvantage of using a pest control professional is the fact that you use a lot of money hiring them.