This guide is for the initial clean out of the structure. Once the structure has been treated in its entirety with bait, monthly treatments should certainly not be necessary, but minor new activity does occasionally occur with high traffic. If signs of infestation reappear during monthly inspections, treat only affected areas. In most instances, re-treatment of the entire structure is not necessary until the annual renewal date. In the case of rapid turnover with tenants, treat moderately following each move out.


Roaches and Ants feast on it then die! Application is quick and easy. No cleaning of cabinets, no fumes, no odor, no mess, and no special equipment is needed. Blue Diamonds MRF 2000, Pro-Joe-S Roach Bait Gel Formula 15, and Pro-Joe-S Ant Bait Gel Formula 4.5 are all non-flammable, non-corrosive, have no inhalation hazards, and are all classified as Category IV, the lowest EPA toxicity rating.


Laboratory and clinical tests by leading researchers prove our MRF 2000 and Pro-Joe-S Roach Bait are both 95-100 % effective in eliminating Asian, American, and German roaches for one year or more, and there hasnt been an ant found yet that doesnt love Pro-Joe-S Ant Bait to death!


One application is usually enough. In the case of extraordinary infestation, one additional treatment may be necessary following initial clean out. Following the final application, one full year of relief from cockroaches and ants should definitely be expected!

For 100 % effectiveness and satisfaction, follow these steps:

  1. Read and follow label directions. Refer to instructions for specific areas.
  2. Stir MRF 2000 in 20 oz. Container well before use.
  3. To apply MRF 2000 Paste (20 oz Container): Use a small putty knife or similar tool and apply the paste liberally in cracks and crevices of walls, woodwork, and seams of furniture and appliances. Use a dry cloth to wipe away excess before the paste dries. Use a step stool for hard to reach areas. Use a flashlight for hard to see areas.
  4. To apply Pro-Joe-S Roach Bait – Gel Formula 15: Simply depress the included plunger lightly, and apply a spot placement of about the size of a grain of corn in all application sites. Use same application technique to apply MRF 2000 in the 35 gram disposable cartridges when not using our Pro-Joe- Baiter Gun.
  5. To apply Pro-Joe-S Ant Bait Gel Formula 4.5: Gently apply 1/8 to 1/16 beads about long, or apply spot placements the size of a bee-bee. More placement sites = best results! Use included plastic tip for bait placement efficiency.